2018 Season Opener

The 2018 Craft Show Season Has Begun

Michigan’s Art and Craft show season has started for 2018 There are few shows in the winter, but we list them all.

You may have seen Troy, our traveling salesman at one of your shows last year. Troy has been selling our magazine for several years now. It helps us and it provides him with an income. He also makes it easy for you to pick up a magazine in person. You get to look at it, see how complete our listing is and know that you are buying THE BEST craft show magazine available. We offer two styles. The paperback and the Plastic spine. They are the same magazine, we add the spine here at our studio. Many crafters like the way the spine allows the magazine to lay flat with the pages folded in the back. We do ask for an additional $5.00 for the spine.


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