Running In Circles


Duane Wurst

Have you ever found yourself running in circles. I tend to start one project while there are a dozen other projects that I’m working on. Then I have a hard time deciding which one is most important. Lately they all have been important. I always end up getting my work done, but It should be easier as I get old, but it’s actually more difficult.

Lately I have been trying to organize, again. Make plans, make decisions, get the jobs done. I think it was easier when we were doing a lot of shows, because I had to get work done for the next weekend. Today, with just a few shows, I can let it slide. And yes, that’s what I do.

I am glad that I have the new web site almost done. I just need to refine some of the features and then keep it up. By using WordPress it is easier to update. Instead of having to do HTML coding, I can just post.

Now I have to get my artwork organized, finish my latest novel, and do all of the things around the house that I promised my wife I would get done by spring.

Like I said, where do I begin?
I know, I’ll start another blog.

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